Arkan Al-Saif Co. For construction


Arkan Al-Saif Co. for construction was incorporated on (1427H) knowing that all engineers and the administrative
staff that manage the company currently are working in the kingdom since more than twenty years for Nasser Al-Saif establishment for construction.

The company enjoys long experience in field of contracting and implementation of all works of building and internal finishes as well as the electrical and mechanical works.

The company is distinguished by accuracy on the works and speed in implementation of its projects. The company owns integrated team of the engineers, technicians and administrators who are specialized
in management and supervision of the project and coordination of processes of delivery of the projects

to the supervising engineers and the consultant offices. The company has great number of the trained labor
who has long experiences and experiments in implementation of the various projects that are implemented by the company.

Arkan Al-Saif Co. for construction and its staff are also keen on the high truthfulness with its clients,
commitment to the dates and provision of the highest levels of quality in all works and services that it provides to its clients.

Works of the company :

Arkan Al-Saif Co. for construction implements all works of building, concretes for the towers, commercial buildings, complexes, palaces and luxury villas with the highest levels of quality and professionalism and delivers them according to the engineering drawings approved by the consultant offices.

Arkan Al-Saif Co. has implemented and supervised many projects of towers and commercial buildings. It has register full of achievements in construction of the housing complexes, palaces and housing villas for number of sheikhs and known personalities.

Arkan Al-Saif Co. is deemed as one of the specialist companies in construction and  implementation of the huge steel and mechanical buildings.

The company has implemented many steel projects and structures for the companies working in field of commercial markets and complexes.